Development of a regional framework for the Korean ocean forecast system based on GFDL MOM4p1


Recently, social and national demands to the ocean forecast system are increasing rapidly in Korea in order to respond to natural disasters including climate change and accidents happened at sea. Even though Korea does not have real-time ocean forecast system yet, techniques and facilities are getting mature toward the operational ocean forecast system.

To set up the regional ocean forecast systems around the Korean peninsula, we have developed ocean data assimilation systems. We have applied the 3 dimensional variational data assimilation to assimilate satellite-borne SST and SSH, and temperature profiles into the Northwestern Pacific Regional Ocean Model based on GFDL MOM3.1. In this presentation, the demo version of the regional ocean forecast system in the Northwestern Pacific will be displayed.

For the next generation of the Korean regional ocean forecast system, we have developed a regional framework for the ocean forecast model and the ensemble-based Kalman Filter system. Especially, we have developed a robust open boundary condition, air-sea coupling module and tidal forcing module applying to the GFDL MOM4p1. As preliminary results, the performance of the regional framework for the GFDL MOM4p1 and the ensemble Kalman Filter will be presented.