Impact of Global Warming on Tropical Cyclones
in a 20-km-mesh MRI/JMA High-resolution Global Model


Hiroyuki Murakami

Advanced Earth Science and Technology Organization (AESTO)

Meteorological Research Institute




In this study, 25-year consecutive climate simulations for both a present-day and a future warmed environment based on an A1B scenario using a 20-km-mesh high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model were conducted to explore changes in the climatology and structure of tropical cyclones (TCs) due to global warming. During the present-day (future) simulation, 2086 (1667) TCs were formed globally. In the presentation, I will focus on general features of the changes. This work had been conducted under the framework of the ”Projection of the change in future weather extremes using super-high-resolution atmospheric models”, supported by the KAKUSHIN Program of MEXT. Professor Bin Wang invited me to IPRC for three months in order to conduct collaborated research on study of future change of the tropical cyclone activity over the western Pacific. In the presentation, my study in interests during the visit and self-introduction will be also presented.