The 6th IPRC Annual Symposium

May 8–9, 2006

Asia Room, Imin Conference Center, East-West Center, Honolulu



Symposium Chair: Yuqing Wang

May 8, Monday

8:30    Opening, Jay McCreary

Session 1: APDRC Activities

Chairperson: Yuqing Wang

8:40     APDRC activities and future work, James Potemra

9:00     APDRC Servers' Restructure, Yingshuo Shen

9:20     Download and analyze in-situ data with the TSANA System, Matlab and  JOAGang Yuan and Yingshuo Shen

9:40     Atmospheric data collections and analyses, Yongsheng Zhang

10:00   Hawaii Regional Ocean Model, Yanli Jia


10:20 – 10:30  Coffee Break


Session 2: Ocean Dynamics and Variability

Chairperson: Axel Timmermann

10:30   Indonesian throughflow variability, James Potemra

10:50   Variability of the Somali Current System, Tommy Jensen

11:10   Dynamics of the Tsuchiya Jets, Ryo Furue

11:30  Three-dimensional instabilities of unsteady zonal equatorial flows, Andrei Natarov

11:50   YoMaHa’05: Velocity data assessed from trajectories of Argo floats at parking level and at the sea surface; Introduction, Application and Next Plans, Hiroshi Yoshinari

12:10   What impact does spatial heterogeneity have on the dynamics of the marine ecosystem?, Kelvin Richards


12:30 – 13:30  Lunch


Session 3: Ocean Circulation and Paleoclimate

Chairperson: Shang-Ping Xie

13:30  Multi-scale aspects of the oceanic circulation, Nikolai Maximenko

13:50  The South China Sea Throughflow, Tangdong Qu

14:10   Interannual variability of the sea surface temperature off Java and Sumatra in a global GCM, Yan Du

14:30   The influence of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation on tropical Pacific climate, Axel Timmermann

14:50   Global response to a shutdown in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation: Role of air-sea interactions, Yuko Okumura

15:10   The effect of Ice-sheets, Greenhouse Gases, and Orbital Forcing on the climate over the last 21,000 Years, Oliver Timm


15:30-15:40  Coffee Break


Session 4: Air-Sea Interaction

Chairperson: Kelvin Richards

15:40   What maintains the SST front north of the equatorial cold tongue?, Simon de Szoeke

16:00   Tropical Instability Waves in a coupled regional model, Justin Small

16:20  Air-Sea Interaction in the South Pacific, Niklas Schneider

16:40  Estimating rainfall from sea surface salinity, Max Yaremchuk

17:00   Interactions between the Indonesian Throughflow and circulations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Jay McCreary


End of the first Day

May 9, Tuesday

Session 5 Intraseasonal Variability

Chairperson: Nikolai Maximenko

8:30     Role of air-sea interaction in MJO, Saji Hameed

8:50     Two types of 30-60-day intraseasonal variability over the South China Sea, Yoshiyuki Kajikawa

9:10     Convective development characteristics associated with the MJO during boreal winter revealed from TRMM satellite, Kazuyoshi Kikuchi

9:30     New features of tropical intraseasonal variability revealed by satellite observations, Xiouhua Fu

9:50     On the seasonal variation of the SST response to the ISO in the Indian Ocean, Francis Tam and Tim Li

10:10   Tropic-midlatitude interactions on intraseasonal timescales, Lin-Lin Pan and Tim Li


10:30-10:40  Coffee Break

Session 6 Atmospheric Modeling

Chairperson:  James Potemra

10:40   Determination of climate sensitivity from the response of the climate system following major volcanic eruptions, Markus Stowasser

11:00  Uncertainties on lateral boundary conditions of the WRF model: Simulation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon and heavy rainfall events in 1998, Hongwei Yang and Bin Wang

11:20  Simulation with WRF of the anomalous East Asia summer monsoon in 1993: Sensitivity to shortwave radiation schemes and ozone absorption, Hyung-Jin Kim, Bin Wang and Yign Noh

11:40   The influence of asymmetric perturbations on hurricane intensity, Jiayi Peng

12:00   2004 Western Pacific Typhoon Reanalysis, Xin Zhang


12:20-13:30  Lunch

Session 7: Atmospheric Processes

Chairperson: Niklas Schneider

13:30   Interannual Stratospheric Variability and Seasonal Weather Forecasting, Kevin Hamilton

13:50   Major modes of Asia-Australian-Monsoon interannual variability in observation and climate prediction models, Bin Wang

14:10   Role of West Pacific convection in short and extended monsoon breaks over India, H. Annamalai 

14:30  Thermodynamical features associated with Madden-Julian Oscillation in ERA40, Ping Liu

14:50   Atmospheric sounding over the Kuroshio Extension, Shang-Ping Xie

15:10   Environmental Dynamical Control of Tropical Cyclone Intensity – An Observational Study, Yuqing Wang and Zhihua Zeng

15:30  Cloud mapping over Hawaii Islands and nearby waters in the summer, Yang Yang and Jan Hafner


15:30-15:40  Coffee Break


Session 8:  Discussion







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