December 6, 2007, 2 - 5:30  pm, IPRC Conference Room, POST 414



2:00 pm    Jay McCreary  -Opening remarks

2:05 pm     Shang-Ping Xie -“Climatic influences of the Gulf Stream: Deep and shallow response”

2:20 pm     Nori Aiki -“Energetics of the global ocean: The role of layer-thickness form drag”

2:35 pm     Bo Qiu -“Eddy-eddy and eddy-mean flow interaction inferred from satellite altimeter and
                    profiling float measurements”

2:50 pm     Cedric Chavanne -“Observations of strong submesoscale anticyclone and
                    associated frontogenesis near O`ahu”.

3:05 pm     Kelvin Richards -”Particle dispersion by waves and jets”

3:20 pm     Oleg Melnichenko -“Observations of quasi-stationary, jet-like structures in the eastern Pacific”

3:35 –4:05 pm Coffee break

4:05 pm     Ryo Furue -“Eddy-driven subthermocline jets”

4:20 pm     Francouis Ascani  -“Mean deep equatorial currents generated by a beam of Yanai wave”.

4:35 pm     Pierre Dutrieux -”Subsurface zonal jets in the northern tropical Pacific: observations and
                    simulated dynamics“

4:50 pm     Andrei Natarov -"Jets and mixing in the equatorial ocean"

5:05 pm     Nikolai Maximenko -“Processes leading to formation of zonal jets”