IPRC Annual Symposium

June 5-6, 2001

Asia Room, East-West Center, University of Hawaii


June 5, Tuesday

Session 1: Pacific Ocean circulation and variability

8:30 Jay McCreary: Dynamics of the Tsuchiya Jets

8:50 Zuojun Yu: A Mechanism for the Hawaiian Lee Counter Current

9:10 Tangdong Qu: Subduction of North Pacific mode waters in a global high-resolution GCM

9:30 Konstantin Lebedev and Max Yaremchuk: Inverse modeling of intra-annual variability in the Subtropical North Pacific

9:50 Roger Lukas: Subduction, mixed layer physics, and rainfall variations in the North Pacific subtropical gyre

10:10-10:30 Break

10:30 Masami Nonaka: Decadal variations in the subtropical cells and equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature

10:50 Soon-Il An: Why the properties of El Nino changed during the late 1970s

11:10 Fei-Fei Jin: On the tropical origin of Pacific decadal variability.

11:30 Dailin Wang: Validation of 1-D mixed layer models using large eddy simulations.

11:50 Shang-Ping Xie: Ocean-atmosphere interaction on the equatorial front

12:10-12:20 Discussion


Session 2: Kuroshio and variability

1:30 Humio Mitsudera: Modeling the Kuroshio and Oyashio Confluence

1:50 Gang Yuan, Humio Mitsudera and Bo Qiu: Observation of the Kuroshio recirculation gyre with acoustic tomography and comparison with satellite altimetry

2:10 Max Yaremchuk: Twin data experiments on variational assimialtion of the satellite altimetry and acoustic tomography data into a QG model of the Kuroshio Extension region.

2:30 Nikolai Maximenko: On the Kuroshio meander formation south of Japan

2:50 Takuji Waseda: On the chaotic transport of the Kuroshio coastal waters

3:10-3:20 Discussion

3:20-3:40 Break


Session 3: Indian Ocean circulation and variability

3:40 Bohyun Bang, Toru Miyama, Humio Mitsudera and Tommy Jensen: Modeling low-latitude western boundary currents and the Indonesian Throughflow

4:00 Toru Miyama: Structure and dynamics of the Indian Ocean cross-equatorial cell

4:20 Tommy Jensen: Exchanges of salt and tracers between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

4:40-50 Discussion


June 6, Wednesday

Session 4: Monsoon and variability

8:30 Tim Li: Indian Ocean dipole mode as simulated from a coupled ECHAM-MOM model

8:50 Johannes Loschnigg, Gerald A. Meehl, Julie M. Arblaster and Gilbert P. Compo: The Asian Monsoon, the Indian Ocean SST dipole and the TBO in the NCAR CSM

9:10 Xiouhua Fu: Impacts of air-sea-land interactions on tropical Pacific climate and Asian summer monsoon: Modeling studies

9:30 Randy Wu: Change in the East Asian summer monsoon-ENSO relationship: A contrast between 1962-1977 and 1978-1993

9:50-10:10 Break

10:10 H. Annamalai: Interannual variation of the boreal summer intraseasonal variability: Role of the low-frequency circulations

10:30 Yuqing Wang: Current status of the IPRC regional climate model development

10:50 Omer Sen: Development of IPRC's regional climate model: Implementation of an advanced soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer scheme

11:10 Peter Hacker: Update on the evolving plans for the Asia-Pacific Data and Research Center

11:20-11:30 Discussion