IPRC 2004 Symposium
May 13-14

Asia Room, Imin Conference Center, East-West Center

Thursday May 13

8:00 coffee

* Chair: Kevin Hamilton

8:10 Jay McCreary
     Opening remarks

8:20 Nikolai Maximenko
     Global mean sea level and Ekman currents

8:40 Konstantin Lebedev
     Assimilation of the 1993-97 TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry and XBT/CTD data
     in 1-degree global OGCM using the SEEK filter technique

9:00 Jim Potemra
     Low-frequency changes in the Indonesian throughflow and
     upper-ocean temperatures in the Indian Ocean

9:20 Max Yaremchuk
     Impact of the Luzon Strait transport on SST east of Vietnam
     and the local monsoon variability

9:40 Tangdong Qu
     The significance of the NEC bifurcation variability
     in climate

10:00-10:30  BREAK

* Chair: Annamalai

10:30 Yoo Yin Kim
      Interannual variability in the Celebes Sea and the

10:50 Hiroshi Yoshinari
      Calibration and processing method of intermediate profiling
      float velocity data - Past studies and present ideas

11:10 Yan Du
      Seasonal variation of the upper ocean stratification in
      the South China Sea

11:30 Zuojun Yu
      A modeling attempt of the South China Sea during the summer
      of 1999

11:50-1:20 LUNCH BREAK

* Chair: Tangdong Qu

1:20 Yanli Jia
     Plans for a high-resolution regional ocean model of
     the Hawaiian Islands

1:30 Ryo Furue
     Numerical simulation of the Tsuchiya Jets

1:50 Tommy Jensen
     The slippery sack ocean model - theory, implementation and
     simple applications

2:10 Bohyun Bang
     Ocean modeling activity and diagnostic results for
     LLWBC research

2:30-3:00 BREAK

* Chair: Tommy Jensen

3:00 Jay McCreary
     Influence of remote wind forcing on the equatorial

3:20 Andrei Natarov
     Inertial instability in the Equatorial Pacific

3:40 Kelvin Richards
     The impact of stirring and mixing on the marine

4:00 Shang-Ping Xie
     Orographically induced air-sea interaction: Toward a
     global survey

4:20 Justin Small
     The impact of ocean mesoscale features on the atmosphere:
     an analysis of satellite data for latitudes below
     40 degrees

4:40 PAU

Friday May 14

8:15 coffee

* Chair: Kevin Hamilton

8:30 Niklas Schneider
     On the forcing of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation

8:50 Jan Hafner
     Parallel Climate Model  - description and current GCM experiments

9:10 Soon-Il An
     Interdecadal changes in the nonlinearity of ENSO

9:30 Annamalai
     Southwest Indian Ocean SST variability: Its influence on
     the East Asian winter monsoon and Indian summer monsoon onset

9:50-10:20 BREAK

* Chair: Zuojun Yu

10:20 Haiming Xu
      Orographic effects on the South China Sea summer monsoon

10:40 N.H. Saji
      Observations of coupled intraseasonal variability in the
      Indian Ocean using satellite and in situ data

11:00 Francis Tam
      Rossby wave dispersion associated with western Pacific
      synoptic-scale activity

11:20 Ping Liu
      MJO in the NCAR CAM2 with the Tiedtke convective scheme

11:40-1:00 LUNCH BREAK

* Chair: Nikolai Maximenko

1:00 Yongsheng Zhang
     Atmospheric and satellite data service in IPRC

1:20 Yuqing Wang
     On some factors that could be critical to the realistic
     simulation of marine boundary layer clouds by atmospheric

1:40 Xiouhua Fu
     IPRC hybrid coupled GCM and its applications

2:00 Tim Li
     Rossby wave train - monsoon gyre interactions and cyclogenesis

2:20-2:50 BREAK

* Chair: Niklas Schneider

2:50 Dailin Wang
     Diurnal cycle of the oceanic mixed layer

3:10 Markus Stowasser
     Climate sensitivity and response: comparisons between
     NCAR CCSM and CCCma CGCM3 results

3:30 Kevin Hamilton
     Quasi-biennial oscillation dynamics and tropospheric climate variability

3:50 Ron Merrill
     IPRC computing 2004

4:10 Peter Hacker
     APDRC status and new activities