IPRC Symposium 2003

May 22 23

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa,

Marine Science Building 100



Contact: Niklas Schneider, nschneid@hawaii.edu (808) 956-8383

              Gisela Speidel, gspeidel@hawaii.edu (808) 956-9252


Thursday, May 22


 8:20am   Jay McCreary       Opening Remarks


 8:30      Bin Wang              Advances and issues in understanding monsoon variability and predictability


 8:50      Ping Liu                 Simulated Asian summer monsoon climatology in the CCSM model series


 9:10      Omer Sen              Relation between Tibetan Plateau snow and the East Asian summer monsoon:  Preliminary results from a RCM experiment 


 9:30      Yongsheng Zhang  The role of spring snow cover over the Tibetan Plateau in the decadal change of the East Asian summer monsoon


 9:50      Xiouhua Fu           Development and application of a hybrid atmosphere-ocean coupled model


10:10                                   BREAK


10:40     H. Annamalai         Response of the Asian Summer Monsoon to changes in ENSO properties


11:00     N.H. Saji               Statistical associations between Indian Ocean SST and global interannual climate variability


11:20     Tommy Jensen       Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal exchange of salt and tracers during extreme climate events


11:40     Soon-Il An             Fast and slow coupled modes in the tropical climate system


12:00pm                              BREAK


 1:20      Jim Potemra           Low-frequency variations in the Indonesian Throughflow


 1:40      Haiming Xu            Intraseasonal variability of stratus clouds in the eastern Pacific


 2:00      Tim Li                    Shear induced waves in the tropics


 2:20      Yuqing Wang         Parameterizing surface roughness length for high winds over the ocean


 2:40                                    BREAK


 3:10      Shang-Ping Xie      Satellite observations of air-sea interactions over Asian Seas


 3:40      Jan Hafner             Mesoscale SST variability and its effect on the atmosphere


 4:00      Justin Small            Tropical Instability Waves: How does the atmosphere respond?


 4:20      Niklas Schneider    Salinity variations in the California Current


Friday, May 23


 8:30am  Weijun Zhu and Kevin Hamilton 

                                            Modelling the response of the climate to large perturbations


 8:50      Nikolai Maximenko

                                            An estimate of large-scale mean sea level based on the momentum balance


 9:10      Takahiro Endoh     Thermohaline structure in the subarctic North Pacific simulated in a general circulation model


 9:30      Takuji Waseda       Kuroshio bimodality - impact of local wind forcing


 9:50      Fumiaki Kobashi    Potential vorticity structure of the North Pacific subtropical fronts


10:10                                   BREAK


10:40    Yoo Yin Kim         Variability of the NEC Bifurcation in a high-resolution OGCM


11:00    Max Yaremchuk    Seasonal variability of the large-scale currents near the Philippine Coast


11:20    Tangdong Qu         Ocean's role in the development of the summer monsoon in the western North Pacific


11:40    Dailin Wang           Inertial instability of equatorial jets


12:00pm                              BREAK


 1:20      Zuojun Yu              Tracking Wyrtki Jets during 1994-2001


 1:40      Bohyun Bang         POP modeling activity and diagnosis


 2:00      Konstantin Lebedev 

                                            Development of the SEEK filter for the Parallel Ocean Program (POP)


 2:20                                    BREAK


 2:50      Peter Hacker         APDRC data and product servers in the context of GODAE


 3:10      Shen Yingshuo       APDRC server infrastructures


 3:30      Gang  Yuan            Serving and accessing in-situ data via EPIC and OPeNDAP


 3:50      Ron Merrill and Shinya Yarimizo

                                            IPRC computing: 2003 status report


 4:10                                    PAU HANA



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