Marine Debris Project in the Media and Interviews

West Hawaii Today

August 17, 2015

UH computer model might explain debris drift from Malaysia Airlines crash

CTV News Channel

August 8, 2015

Maximenko, an Oceanography researcher from the University of Hawaii, joins us to discuss the plane debris discovered from flight MH370.

SOEST Announcements

August 6, 2015

Marine Debris Drift Model Simulates MH370 Crash Site and Flow Paths

National Geographic

April 4, 2014
Plane Search Shows World's Oceans Are Full of Trash


March 30, 2014

Imágenes del vuelo MH370: ¿restos de un avión o simple basura?


March 30, 2014

¿Restos del vuelo MH370 o simple basura?

BBC Asia News

March 28, 2014

Flight MH370: Aircraft debris - or a load of rubbish?

New York Times

March 25, 2014

Search for Missing Flight’s Wreckage Is Hampered by a Sea of Detritus