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1 Analysis of Climate Variability H. von Storch et al.
2 The Annual Cycle of Precipitation over the Indian Subcontinent Dennis J. Shea, N.A. Sontakke
3 Applications of Statistics to Modeling the Earth's Climate System R.A. Madden, R.W. Katz
4 An Altlas of Functions Jerome Spanier, Keith B. Oldham
5.1 Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics A.E. Gill
5.2 Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics A.E. Gill
6 Atmospheric convection K.A. Emanuel
7 Atmospheric Data Analysis R. Daley
8 Atmospheric Radiation R.M. Goody, Y.L. Yung
9 Boundry-layer Theory H. Schlichting
10 Buoyancy effects in Fluids J.S. Turner
11 The C Programming Language B.W. Kernighan et al.
12 UNIX in a nutshell D. Gilly
13 Climate dynamics of the Tropics S. Hastenrath
14 Climate sensitivity to radiative perturbations: physical mechanisms and their validation H. Le Treut
15 Climate System modeling K.E. Trenberth
16 Climate Variations and Forcing Mechanisms of the Last 2000 Years P.D. Jones, Raymond S. Bradley, Jean Jonzel
17 Currents of change: El Nino's impact on climate and society Michael H. Glantz
18 Data analysis methods in physcial oceanography W.J. Emery et al.
19 Data assimilation: Tools for Modelling the ocean in a Global Change Perspective Pierre P. Brassenr, Jacques C.J. Nihoul
20 Decadal climate variability: dynamics and perditability D.L.T. Anderson et al.
21 Dynamics and modelling of ocean waves Komen et al.
22 Windows NT in a nutshell E. Pearce
23 El Nino, La Nina and the Southern Oscillation Rob Allen, Janette Lindesay, David Parker
24 A First Course in Chaotic Dynamical systems: theory and experiment R.L. Devaney
25 A First course in Turbulence H. Tennekes et al.
26 Fortran 90/95 for scientists and engineers -
27 From Turbulence to Climate Martin Beniston
28 LINUX in a nutshell E. Siever
29 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics J. Pedlosky
30 An Introduction to atmospheric and oceanographic data Dennis J. Shea, Steven J. Worley, Ilana R. Stern, Timothy J. Hoar
31 An Introduction to dynamic Meteorology J.R. Holton
32 Introduction to parallel computing: design and analysis of alogarithms Vipin Kumar, Anarith Grama, Anshul Gupta, George Karypis
34 IPCC Scientific Assessment (1990): Climate Change J.T. Houghton, G.J. Jenkins, J.J. Ephraums
35 IPCC Scientific Assessment (1992): Climate change 1992( supplement) J.T. Houghton, B.A. Callander, S.K. Varney
36 LATEX: a document preparation system: user's guide and reference manual
37 Lectures on geophyscial fluid dynamics Rick Salmon
38 Modeling Oceanic Climates and Interactions R.A. Madden et al.
39 Modern approaches to data assimilation in ocean modeling P.Malanotte-Rizzoli
40 Multivariate statistical methods Morrison
41 Nonlinear dynamics and preditability of geophysical phenomena William I. Newman, Andrei Gabrielov, Donald L. Turcotte
42 Nonlinear ocean waves W. Perrie
43 Nonlinear Time series analysis Holger Kantz, Thomas Schreiber
44 Numerical methods with MATLAB: a resource for scientists and engineers
45 Numerical Prediction in Dynamic Meteorology G.J. Haltiner
46 Numerical recipes in C W.H. Press
47 Numerical recipes in Fortran 77 W.H. Press
48 Numerical recipes in Fortran 90: the art of paralled scienctific computing C. Wunsch
49 Ocean circulation Inverse Problem W.H. Press
50 Ocean Circulation Theory J. Pedlosky
51 Oceanopgraphic Application of Remote Sensing Ikeda, Dobson
52 Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics E. Zauderer
53 Perl Resource Kit - UNIX edition L. Wall et al.
54 Photoshop for the Web Mikkel Aaland
55 Physics of Climate Peixoto, Oort
56 Principles of Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Richard Goody
57 Proceeding of the Hawaiian Winter Workshops Peter Muller, Rita Pujalet
58 Programming Perl, 2nd edition L. Wall et al.
59 Programming Python object-oriented scripting Mark Lutz
60 Radiation and Water in the Climate System Remote Measurements Ehrhard Raschke
61 Regional Oceanography M. Tomczak et al.
64 Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences: An Introduction D.S. Wilks
65 Stratosphere and its role in the Climate System, The G.P. Brasseur
66 Time Dependent Problems and Difference Methods B. Gustafsson et al.
67 Turbulence and Random Processes in Fluid Mechanics M.T. Landahl
69 Vorticity and Turbulence A.J. Chorin
70 Wavelets, Multilevel Methods, and Elliptic PDEs M. Ainsworth et al.
71 Webmaster in a nutshell, deluxe edition O'Reilly & Assoc.
72 Climate Change: Developing Southern Hemisphere Perspectives Giambelluca et al.
73 Stochastic Modelling in Physical Oceanography R.J. Adler et al.
74 Wavelets: Theory and Applications G. Erlebacher et al
75 Statistical Analysis in Climate Research H. von Storch et al.
76 Practical UNIX & Internet Security S. Garfinkel et al.
77 Office 97 Annoyances W. Leonhard et al.
78 Windows 98 Annoyances D.A. Karp
79 Hydrodynamics Sir H. Lamb
80 MS Windows 98 Resource Kit Microsoft Corp.
81 The MATLAB handbook B. Melin et al.
82 Managing Projects with Make A. Oram et al.
83 Roget A to Z thesaurus R.L. Chapman
84 Webster's new world college Dictionary Macmillan
85 Exploring Frontiers in Clobal Change Research(video) FRSGC
86 Using MPI : Portable Parallel Programming with the message-passing interface W. Gropp et al.
87 Math h++ user's guide and reference manual Rogue Wave Software
88 LAPACK h++ Introduction and reference Manual Rogue Wave Software
89 Fortran Language Reference Manual, Vol 2 Silicon Graphics
90 Tools h++ user's guide Rogue Wave Software
91 Tools h++ class reference Rogue Wave Software
92 IMSL Stat/Library, vol 1 Visual Numerics
93 IMSL Stat/Library, vol 2 Visual Numerics
94 IMSL Math/Library, vol 1 Visual Numerics
95 IMSL Math/Library, vol 2 Visual Numerics
96 IMSL Math/Library, Special Functions Visual Numerics
97 IMSL Fortran 90 MP Library user's guide Visual Numerics
98 IDL reference guide, vol 1 (a-l) Research Systems
99 IDL reference guide, vol 2 (m-z) Research Systems
100 What's new in IDL 5.2 Research Systems
101 Using IDL Research Systems
102 IDL basics Research Systems
103 Using IDL insights Research Systems
104 IDL external development guide Research Systems
105 IDL objects and objects graphics Research Systems
106 Buildign IDL applications Research Systems
107 Java 1.2 S. Holzner
108 Using Microsoft Office 97, Platinum Ed. K. Evans et al
109 Mastering Windows 98 R. Cowart
110 IGCR Seminar: Abrupt Climate Change(VT1,2 and supp.) T. Stocker
111 Earth Sicence Technology Handbook 1999 -
112 Earth Simulator Parallel Software Development -
113 Satellite Monitoring of the Earth K.-H. Szekielda
114 IGCR Seminar: Real-Time now cast/forcast in marginal and coastal seas (videotape 1,2, and hardcopy supplement) L. Kantha
115 Dynamics of Oceanic Internal Gravity waves, II (2 copies) Peter Muller, Diane Henderson
116 World According to Wavelets, The B.B. Hubbard
117 The Dynamics of the upper ocean O.M. Phillips
118 Meteorology over the Tropical Oceans D.B. Shaw (ed)
119 P2 Parallel Processing Workshop Maui High Performance Computer Ctr.
120 Satellite Remote Sensing of the oceanic environment I.S.F. Jones et al.
121 Atlas of monthly mean distributions of SSMI surface wind speed, ARGOS buoy drift, AVHRR/2 SST, and ECMMF surface wind components during 1992 NASA
122 Atlas of monthly mean distributions of SSMI surface wind speed, ARGOS buoy drift, AVHRR/2 SST, and ECMMF surface wind components during 1992 NASA
123 Macsyma and PDEase scientific notebook interface ref. Manual Macsyma Inc.
124 Macsyma scientific graphics reference manual Macsyma Inc.
125 Atlas of the South Pacific -
126.1 Triangle '98 Proceedings(3 copies) JAMSTEC et al.
126.2 Triangle '98 Proceedings(3 copies) JAMSTEC et al.
126.3 Triangle '98 Proceedings(3 copies) JAMSTEC et al.
127.1 Application programmer's I/O guide Silicon Graphics
127.2 Scientific libraries user's guide Silicon Graphics
127.3 Cray C/C++ reference manual Silicon Graphics
127.4 Optimizing application code on UNICOS systems Silicon Graphics
127.5 Programming environment releases overview Silicon Graphics
127.6 Scientific libraries ready reference Silicon Graphics
127.7 Application programmer's library ready reference Silicon Graphics
128 Advanced CORBA programming with C++ M. Henning et al.
129 CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics E.W. Weisstein
130 Numerical ocean circulation modeling D.B. Haidvogel et al
131 El Nino southern oscillation & climatic variability R. Allan et al.
132 FORTRAN 90/95 explained, 2nd ed. M. Metcalf
133 Using PowerPoint97, 3rd ed. L.A. Ulrich
134 LAPACK users' guide, 2nd ed. E. Anderson et al.
135 Computational techniques for fluid dynamics, V1 C.A.J. Fletcher
136 Computational techniques for fluid dynamics, V2 C.A.J. Fletcher
137 The role of eddies in the general ocean circulation Hawaii Inst. of Geophysics
138 Dynamics of the oceanic surface mixed layer Hawaii Inst. of Geophysics
139 Parameterization of small-scale processes Hawaii Inst. of Geophysics
140 Using Samba NASDA
141 The no B.S. guide to Red Hat Linux 6
142 Red Hat Linux administration tools
143 Managing Windows NT logons
144 Illustrated TCP/IP
145 Essential Windows NT system administration
146 Programming internet email
147 The UNIX CD bookshelf
148 UNIX secure shell
149 UNIX shell programming tools
150 UNIX system security tools
151 UNIX network management tools
152 Managing the Windows NT registry
153 Windows NT workstation configuration & maintenance
154 Zero administration for Windows
155 Bulletproofing Windows 98
156 Perl cookbook
157 Embracing Earth
158 C: The complete reference
159 Java Enterprise in a nutshell D. Flanagan et al.
160 Core Java2 Vol 1 Fundamentals Sun Microsystems
161 Core Java2 Vol 2 Advanced features Sun Microsystems
162 Introduction to boundary layer meteorology, An -
163 Singular Spectrum Analysis: A New Tool in Time Series Analysis, James B. Elsner James B. Elsner
164 Topographical Effects in the Ocean
165 Monte Carlo Simulation in Oceanography
166 MySQL (other new riders) -
167 Professional Linux Programming: Databases -
168 Climates of South Asia G.B. Pant & K. Rupa Kumar
169 Monsoons Over China, by Ding Yihui Ding Yihui
170 El Nino North, Nino Effects in the Eastern Subarctic pacific Ocean Warren S. Wooster and David L. Fluharty
171 The Atmosphere- A Challenge, The Science of Jule Gregory Channey Richard S. Lindzen, Edward N. Lorenz, George W. Platzman
172 Solaris 8 System Administrator's Reference Janice Winsor
173 Solaris System Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition Janice Winsor
174 Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary -
175 Global Warming: The complete Briefing John Houghton
176 Satellite Altimetry and Earth Sciences Lee-Lueng Fu, Anny Cazenave
177 Atlas of satellite observations related to global change Gurney, Foster, Parkinson
178 Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans Judith Curry and Peter Webster
179 General Circulation Model Development: Past, Present, and Future David Randall
180 Multigrid Trottenberg, Oosterlee, Schuller
181 Earth System Science Jacobson, Charlson, Rodhe, Orians
182 National Geographic Atlas of the World National Geographic
183 Ocean Circulation & Climate: Observing and Modelling the Global Ocean Gerold Siedler, John Church, John Gould
184 Numerical Models of Oceans and Oceanic Processes Lakshmi H. Kantha, Carol Anne Clayson
185 Small Scale Processes in Geophysical Fluid Flows Lakshmi H. Kantha, Carol Anne Clayson
186 Atmoshperic Chemistry and Global Change Guy P. Brasseur, John J. Orlando, Geoffrey S. Tyndall
187 Biogeochemistry, An Analysis of Global Change William H. Schlesinger
188 Climate Change 1995, The Science of Climate Change J.A. Lakeman
189 Climate Change 1994, Radiative Forcing of Climate Change and An Evaluation of the IPCC IS92 Emission Scenarios J.T. Houghton
190 Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction Kraus-Businger
191 Decade-to-Century-Scale Climate Variability and Change: A Science Strategy National Research Council
192 50 Years of Ocean Discovery: National Science Foundation 1950-2000 National Research Council
193 The Elements of Style William Strunk
194 Nonlinear Physical Oceanography: Adynamic Approach to the Large Scale Ocean Circulation and El Nino Henk A. Dijkstra
195 From Monsoons to Microbes: Unterstanding the Ocean's Role in Human Health National Research Council
196 Numerical Modeling of the Global Atmosphere in the Climate System NATO Science Series, Philip Mote, Alan O'Neill
197 Physics of Climate Jose P. Peixoto, Abraham H. Oort
198.1 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences vol. 1 John Steele, Steve Thorpe, Karl Turenkian
198.2 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences vol. 2 John Steele, Steve Thorpe, Karl Turenkian
198.3 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences vol. 3 John Steele, Steve Thorpe, Karl Turenkian
198.4 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences vol. 4 John Steele, Steve Thorpe, Karl Turenkian
198.5 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences vol. 5 John Steele, Steve Thorpe, Karl Turenkian
198.6 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences vol. 6 John Steele, Steve Thorpe, Karl Turenkian
199 From Stirring to Mixing in a Stratified Ocean (6 copies) Peter Muller, Diane Henderson
200 Climate Change 2001: Impacts, Adaptations, and Vulnerability IPCC
201 Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis IPCC
202 Climate Change 2001: Mitigation IPCC
203 Dynamic Paleoclimatology: Generalized Theory of Global Climate Change Barry Saltzman
204 IGARSS '01 Vol. 1-7, IEE Int. Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium IEEE
205 Climate Change 2001: Synthesis Report IPCC
206 Anthropogenic Climate Change Hans Von Storch, Gotz Floser
207 Models in Environmental Research Hans Von Storch, Gotz Floser
208 Dynamics of Large-Scale Atmospheric and Oceanic Processes J. Shukla
209 Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit
210 The Art of Scientific Writing Hans F. Ebel, Claus Bliefert, William E. Russey
211 Remote Sensing Principles and Interpretation Floyd F. Sabins Jr.
212 Recent Advances in Marine Science and Technology, 2000 Narendra K. Saxena
213 Methods of Satellite Oceanography Robert H. Stewart
214 Mathematica: A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer Stephen Wolfram
215 Oceanography: a view of the earth M. Grant Gross
216 Satellites, Oceanography, and Society David Halpern
217 Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing (FORTRAN Version) William H. Press, Saul A. Teukolsky, Brian P. Plannery, William T. Vetterling
218 Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics Adrian E. Gill
219 The Theory of Rotating Fluids H.P. Greenspan
220 Dictionary of Data Processing Jeff Maynard
221 Numerical Methods and Fortran Programming with Applications in Engineering and Science Daniel D McCraken, Williams S. Dorn
222 MHD Instabilities Glenn Bateman
223 Oceanography: readings from Scientific American
224 Elements of Partial Differential Equations Ian N. Sheddon
225 Complex Variables and Applications Ruel V. Churchill
226 The Pacific Equatorial Countercurrent Thomas Robert Kendall
227 Fluid Flow: A First Course in Fluid Mechanics Rolf H. Sabersky, Allen J. Acosta
228 Results of the Royal Society Joint Air-Sea Interaction Project (JASIN)
229 Spectral Analysis and its applications Gwilym M. Jenkins, Donald G. Watts
230 The Earth and Its Gravity Field W.A. Heiskanen, F.A. Vening Meinesz
231 Marine Forecasting Predictability and Modelling in Ocean Hydrodynamics Jacques C.J. Nihoul
232 The Measurement of Power Spectra From the Point of View of Communications Engineering R.B. Blackman, J.W. Tukey
233 Nonlinear Water Waves (IUTAM Symposium, Tokyo/Japan , August 25-28, 1987) K. Horikawa, H. Maruo (Eds.)
234 Applied Hydro- and Aeromechanics O.G. Tietjens
235 General Oceanography Gunter Dietrich
236 Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications Robert L. Daugherty, Joseph B. Franzini
237 Mathematics of Statistics II J.F. Kenney, E.S. Keeping
238 Scientific and Technical Writing Peter M. Sandman, Carl S. Klompus, Betsy Greenleaf Yarrison
239 Dimensional Analysis P.W. Bridgman
240 Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language
241 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Part II
242 Seasat Views Oceans and Sea Ice With Synthetic-Aperture Radar Lee-Lueng Fu, Benjamin Holt
243 Wind Waves their generation and propagation on the ocean surface Blair Kinsman
244 The Voyage of the Challenger Eric Linklater
245 Ocean Waves Spectra
246 SEASAT Special Issue II Scientific Results
247 National Ocean Conference Oceans of Commerce, Oceans of Life
248 Photographs Underwater Bob Kendall
249 Principles of Physical Oceanography Gerhard Neumann, Willard J. Pierson, Jr.
250 1992 ADEOS/NSCAT Science Team Meeting Japan ADEOS/NSCAT Science Working Team
251 Fifth International Symposium on Stratified Flows Volume I G.A. Lawrence, R. Pieters, N. Yonemitsu
252 Fifth International Symposium on Stratified Flows Volume II G.A. Lawrence, R. Pieters, N. Yonemitsu
253 Seasat Special Issue I: Geophysical Evaluation
254 NSCAT: Scientific Applications
255 Fluid Mechanics J. Williams
256 Phonetics of American English Charles Kenneth Thomas
257 Vector and tensor Analysis Harry Lass
258 Complex Analysis - an introduction to the theroy of analytic functions of one complex variable Lars V. Ahlfors
259 Theoretical Hydrodynamics L.M. Milne-Thomson, C.B.E.
260 Methods of Theoretical Physics, Part I Philip M. Morse and Herman Feshbach
261 Methods of Theoretical Physics, Part II Philip M. Morse and Herman Feshbach
262 Turbulence - An Introduction to Its Mechanism and Theory J.O. Hinze
263 Symposium on the Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled Dynamics in the Indian Ocean (2001 Abstracts)
264 Regional Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia (Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting of the Northeast Asia Economic Forum - June 2000)
265 Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Aqua Bio-Mechanisms/ International Seminar on Aqua Bio-Mechanisms
266 Fluid Mechanics (Volume 6 of Course of Theoretical Physics) L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz
267 The Chilean Tsunami of May 24, 1960
268.1 Enclyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol. 1 James R. Holton, Judith A. Curry, John A. Pyle
268.2 Enclyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol. 2 James R. Holton, Judith A. Curry, John A. Pyle
268.3 Enclyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol. 3 James R. Holton, Judith A. Curry, John A. Pyle
268.4 Enclyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol. 4 James R. Holton, Judith A. Curry, John A. Pyle
268.5 Enclyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol. 5 James R. Holton, Judith A. Curry, John A. Pyle
268.6 Enclyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol. 6 James R. Holton, Judith A. Curry, John A. Pyle
269 Global Energy and Water Cycles K.A. Browning and R.J. Gurney
270.1 Journal of The Earth Simulator Tetsuya Sato
270.2 Journal of The Earth Simulator Tetsuya Sato
270.3 Journal of The Earth Simulator Tetsuya Sato
271.1 Annual Report of the Earth Simulator Center Tetsuya Sato
271.2 Annual Report of the Earth Simulator Center Tetsuya Sato
271.3 Annual Report of the Earth Simulator Center Tetsuya Sato
272 100 Years of Marine Research in Hawaii/40 Years of Oceanography at UH David M. Karl
272.1 100 Years of Marine Research in Hawaii/40 Years of Oceanography at UH David M. Karl
273 Our affair with El Nino:how we transformed an enchanting Peruvian Current into a Global Climate Hazard S. Geroge Philander
274 Data analysis methods in physcial oceanography 2nd edition W. Emery & R. Thomson
275 Comuter Modelling in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences P. Muller & H.V. Storch
276 Handbook of Mathematical Functions with formulas, graphs, and mathematical tables M. Abramowitz & I. Stegun
278 Atlas of Hawaii Third Edition S. & J. Juvik
279 Earth's Climate The Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction C. Wang, SP Xie, J. Carton
280 Intraseasonal Variability in the atmosphere-ocean climate W. Laun, S. Waliser
281 The Turbulent Ocean S.A. Thorpe
282 The Asian Monsoon Bin Wang
283 The Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas
284 Dynamic Data Assimilation: A Least Squares Approach J.M. Lewis, S. Lakshmivarahan, & S.K. Dhall