Atmospheric Dynamics and Modeling

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2 The Annual Cycle of Precipitation over the Indian Subcontinent Dennis J. Shea, N.A. Sontakke
5.1 Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics A.E. Gill
5.2 Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics A.E. Gill
6 Atmospheric convection K.A. Emanuel
7 Atmospheric Data Analysis R. Daley
8 Atmospheric Radiation R.M. Goody, Y.L. Yung
9 Boundry-layer Theory H. Schlichting
31 An Introduction to dynamic Meteorology J.R. Holton
45 Numerical Prediction in Dynamic Meteorology G.J. Haltiner
56 Principles of Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry Richard Goody
65 Stratosphere and its role in the Climate System, The G.P. Brasseur
118 Meteorology over the Tropical Oceans D.B. Shaw (ed)
162 Introduction to boundary layer meteorology, An -
169 Monsoons Over China, by Ding Yihui Ding Yihui
208 Dynamics of Large-Scale Atmospheric and Oceanic Processes J. Shukla