Ocean Dynamics and Modeling

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21 Dynamics and modelling of ocean waves Komen et al.
38 Modeling Oceanic Climates and Interactions R.A. Madden et al.
42 Nonlinear ocean waves W. Perrie
48 Numerical recipes in Fortran 90: the art of paralled scienctific computing C. Wunsch
49 Ocean circulation Inverse Problem W.H. Press
50 Ocean Circulation Theory J. Pedlosky
51 Oceanopgraphic Application of Remote Sensing Ikeda, Dobson
57 Proceeding of the Hawaiian Winter Workshops Peter Muller, Rita Pujalet
61 Regional Oceanography M. Tomczak et al.
73 Stochastic Modelling in Physical Oceanography R.J. Adler et al.
115 Dynamics of Oceanic Internal Gravity waves, II (2 copies) Peter Muller, Diane Henderson
117 The Dynamics of the upper ocean O.M. Phillips
120 Satellite Remote Sensing of the oceanic environment I.S.F. Jones et al.
130 Numerical ocean circulation modeling D.B. Haidvogel et al
137 The role of eddies in the general ocean circulation Hawaii Inst. of Geophysics
138 Dynamics of the oceanic surface mixed layer Hawaii Inst. of Geophysics
139 Parameterization of small-scale processes Hawaii Inst. of Geophysics
164 Topographical Effects in the Ocean
165 Monte Carlo Simulation in Oceanography
183 Ocean Circulation & Climate: Observing and Modelling the Global Ocean Gerold Siedler, John Church, John Gould
184 Numerical Models of Oceans and Oceanic Processes Lakshmi H. Kantha, Carol Anne Clayson
192 50 Years of Ocean Discovery: National Science Foundation 1950-2000 National Research Council
194 Nonlinear Physical Oceanography: Adynamic Approach to the Large Scale Ocean Circulation and El Nino Henk A. Dijkstra
195 From Monsoons to Microbes: Unterstanding the Ocean's Role in Human Health National Research Council
199 From Stirring to Mixing in a Stratified Ocean (6 copies) Peter Muller, Diane Henderson
281 The Turbulent Ocean S.A. Thorpe