Numerical Methods and Mathematics

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1 Analysis of Climate Variability H. von Storch et al.
3 Applications of Statistics to Modeling the Earth's Climate System R.A. Madden, R.W. Katz
4 An Altlas of Functions Jerome Spanier, Keith B. Oldham
24 A First Course in Chaotic Dynamical systems: theory and experiment R.L. Devaney
25 A First course in Turbulence H. Tennekes et al.
40 Multivariate statistical methods Morrison
43 Nonlinear Time series analysis Holger Kantz, Thomas Schreiber
46 Numerical recipes in C W.H. Press
47 Numerical recipes in Fortran 77 W.H. Press
52 Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics E. Zauderer
64 Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences: An Introduction D.S. Wilks
66 Time Dependent Problems and Difference Methods B. Gustafsson et al.
70 Wavelets, Multilevel Methods, and Elliptic PDEs M. Ainsworth et al.
74 Wavelets: Theory and Applications G. Erlebacher et al
75 Statistical Analysis in Climate Research H. von Storch et al.
116 World According to Wavelets, The B.B. Hubbard
129 CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics E.W. Weisstein
135 Computational techniques for fluid dynamics, V1 C.A.J. Fletcher
136 Computational techniques for fluid dynamics, V2 C.A.J. Fletcher
163 Singular Spectrum Analysis: A New Tool in Time Series Analysis, James B. Elsner James B. Elsner
180 Multigrid Trottenberg, Oosterlee, Schuller