Computer Programming

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11 The C Programming Language B.W. Kernighan et al.
12 UNIX in a nutshell D. Gilly
22 Windows NT in a nutshell E. Pearce
26 Fortran 90/95 for scientists and engineers -
28 LINUX in a nutshell E. Siever
32 Introduction to parallel computing: design and analysis of alogarithms Vipin Kumar, Anarith Grama, Anshul Gupta, George Karypis
53 Perl Resource Kit - UNIX edition L. Wall et al.
58 Programming Perl, 2nd edition L. Wall et al.
59 Programming Python object-oriented scripting Mark Lutz
71 Webmaster in a nutshell, deluxe edition O'Reilly & Assoc.
76 Practical UNIX & Internet Security S. Garfinkel et al.
78 Windows 98 Annoyances D.A. Karp
82 Managing Projects with Make A. Oram et al.
86 Using MPI : Portable Parallel Programming with the message-passing interface W. Gropp et al.
89 Fortran Language Reference Manual, Vol 2 Silicon Graphics
107 Java 1.2 S. Holzner
109 Mastering Windows 98 R. Cowart
127.1 Application programmer's I/O guide Silicon Graphics
127.2 Scientific libraries user's guide Silicon Graphics
127.3 Cray C/C++ reference manual Silicon Graphics
127.4 Optimizing application code on UNICOS systems Silicon Graphics
127.5 Programming environment releases overview Silicon Graphics
127.6 Scientific libraries ready reference Silicon Graphics
127.7 Application programmer's library ready reference Silicon Graphics
128 Advanced CORBA programming with C++ M. Henning et al.
132 FORTRAN 90/95 explained, 2nd ed. M. Metcalf
141 The no B.S. guide to Red Hat Linux 6
142 Red Hat Linux administration tools
143 Managing Windows NT logons
144 Illustrated TCP/IP
145 Essential Windows NT system administration
146 Programming internet email
147 The UNIX CD bookshelf
148 UNIX secure shell
149 UNIX shell programming tools
150 UNIX system security tools
151 UNIX network management tools
152 Managing the Windows NT registry
153 Windows NT workstation configuration & maintenance
154 Zero administration for Windows
155 Bulletproofing Windows 98
156 Perl cookbook
158 C: The complete reference
159 Java Enterprise in a nutshell D. Flanagan et al.
160 Core Java2 Vol 1 Fundamentals Sun Microsystems
161 Core Java2 Vol 2 Advanced features Sun Microsystems
166 MySQL (other new riders) -
167 Professional Linux Programming: Databases -
172 Solaris 8 System Administrator's Reference Janice Winsor
173 Solaris System Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition Janice Winsor