Software Manuals

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36 LATEX: a document preparation system: user's guide and reference manual
54 Photoshop for the Web Mikkel Aaland
77 Office 97 Annoyances W. Leonhard et al.
81 The MATLAB handbook B. Melin et al.
87 Math h++ user's guide and reference manual Rogue Wave Software
88 LAPACK h++ Introduction and reference Manual Rogue Wave Software
90 Tools h++ user's guide Rogue Wave Software
91 Tools h++ class reference Rogue Wave Software
92 IMSL Stat/Library, vol 1 Visual Numerics
93 IMSL Stat/Library, vol 2 Visual Numerics
94 IMSL Math/Library, vol 1 Visual Numerics
95 IMSL Math/Library, vol 2 Visual Numerics
96 IMSL Math/Library, Special Functions Visual Numerics
97 IMSL Fortran 90 MP Library user's guide Visual Numerics
98 IDL reference guide, vol 1 (a-l) Research Systems
99 IDL reference guide, vol 2 (m-z) Research Systems
100 What's new in IDL 5.2 Research Systems
101 Using IDL Research Systems
102 IDL basics Research Systems
103 Using IDL insights Research Systems
104 IDL external development guide Research Systems
105 IDL objects and objects graphics Research Systems
106 Buildign IDL applications Research Systems
108 Using Microsoft Office 97, Platinum Ed. K. Evans et al
123 Macsyma and PDEase scientific notebook interface ref. Manual Macsyma Inc.
124 Macsyma scientific graphics reference manual Macsyma Inc.
133 Using PowerPoint97, 3rd ed. L.A. Ulrich
134 LAPACK users' guide, 2nd ed. E. Anderson et al.
209 Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit