Indian Ocean

This model is the original hydrodynamical reduced gravity model with 3 active upper layers in the upper 850 m and an infinitely deep layerbelow. Average thickness of the active layers are 200 m, 250 m, and 450 m.

The horizontal resolution is 1/5 by 1/5 deg and the model domain covers the area north of 25 S. Monthly wind stress from Hellerman and Rosenstein (1984) was used to spin up the model for 20 years.

Below is the Indian Ocean:

The model reproduces all major currents and the seasonal cycle. During the year, the reversal of the Somali Current

is simulated by the model.

Bottom topography has been included in the model. The Indian Ocean bottom topography, measured relative to 3000 m, is shown below with a resolution of 1/3 by 1/3 deg

The deepest layer is varying in thickness from 750 m to over 6000 m.
The next picture shows some detailed flow north-east of Madagascar

This work has been supported by the U.S. Dept of Energy through CHAMMP


Tommy G. Jensen

Last update: October 29, 1997