Kevin Hamilton

Retired Professor, International Pacific Research Center

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Hawaii From Space

Interesting weather in Hawaii - an animation of IR images during a frontal passage December 4-6, 2007

Interesting weather on Mars! - a NASA animation of Mars Spirit Rover images showing several dust devils racing across the surface. Images were taken on July 13, 2005. Real elapsed time in seconds is shown in the lower left corner

QBO Vizualization - Monthly-mean zonal-mean zonal wind observations from UKMO analyses November 1991-June 1998

Research Interests

Observations and modelling of the global-scale circulation of the atmosphere

Climate modelling and climate change

Meteorology and chemistry of the stratosphere and mesosphere

Atmospheric and oceanic waves and tides

Dynamics of planetary atmospheres

Vortex Visualization

Here is an attempt to visualize the polar vortex as simulated in the GFDL SKYHI General Circulation Model. What is shown is an instantaneous picture of a surface that surrounds the air with low nitrous oxide concentration (in this case low relative to the mean value at each horizontal level). What you see is a Northern Hemisphere projection with the vertical scale marked in potential temperature. The vertical extent shown is from about 10 km to 45 km. The main vase-like sheath outlines the polar vortex, while the ribbons wrapping around the vortex represent air that has recently eroded from the vortex. (for more details)

Typhoon Simulation

click here to see the strongest Pacific typhoon simulated in an extremely fine resolution global climate model

For more details see Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 78, 2874 (1997).

Report on a 1996 Workshop on Gravity Waves and Gravity Wave Parameterization

(to access report)

Report on a 2004 Workshop on Gravity Waves and Gravity Wave Parameterization

(to access report)

Report on a 2011 Workshop on Gravity Waves and Gravity Wave Parameterization

(to access report)

My History of the Early Days of Upper Atmospheric Meteorology

(for complete text)

"Summer" School on the Physics of the Equatorial Atmosphere, Trieste, Italy, held in September and October 2001.

(for more information)

(for a formal group photo of lecturers and students)

Here is my Japanese colleague Wataru Ohfuchi during a visit he made to IPRC in 2005.

Wataru and I edited a book on high resolution numerical simulation (for more information)

Here is a view of near-instantaneous precipitation from a high-resolution global model. This is a photo taken while an animation produced in collaboration with the Bishop Museum in Honolulu is projected onto a large sphere in their "Science on the Sphere" exhibit hall.

Over the last decade I have participated in Hawaii Public Radio shows featuring discussions of environmental issues and research efforts relevant to Hawaii.

October 2006 MP3 audio file

August 2007 MP3 audio file

December 2009 Details

and in a local Web TV show about climate research "Bringing Climate Change Home"

(click here for my CV with a complete list of publications, 1979-present)

Publications (1995-present)

- 1995 -

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- 1999 -

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