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  • peer-reviewed:

    Tigchelaar, M., A. Timmermann, D. Pollard, T. Friedrich, and M. Heinemann (2018), Local insolation changes enhance Antarctic interglacials: Insights from an 800,000-year ice sheet simulation with transient climate forcing, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 495, 69-78, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2018.05.004.   link

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  • other:

    Friedrich, T., and A. Timmermann (2015), Effects of Sea—Ice and Ocean—Circulation Changes on Deglacial Deep-Ocean Radiocarbon Trends, Nova Acta Leopoldina, 121, 65-69.

    Timmermann, A., and T. Friedrich (2015), Deglacial CO₂/Climate Feedbacks: Models, Myth, and Misconceptions, Nova Acta Leopoldina, 121, 235-239.

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    Friedrich, T., PhD thesis (2009): Dynamical interpolation of surface pCO₂ between lines of observation in the North Atlantic Ocean.

    Friedrich, T., Diploma thesis (2004): Biophysical driving mechanisms of seasonal and interannual-to-decadal variability of CO₂- and O₂-fluxes in a North Atlantic model.