Current Projects Funded by US Agencies

  • Mechanisms and effects of tropical Indian Ocean variability


    (August 2009 - August 2015)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI)

  • Interannual variability of ocean vector winds near ocean fronts and coastal orography

  • NASA Ocean Vector Wind Science Team Program

    (July 2010 - July 2014)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI); Hiroki Tokinaga & Hyodae Seo (co-Is)

  • Improved extended-range prediction through a Bayesian approach: Exploiting the enhanced predictability offered by the Madden-Julian Oscillation

  • NOAA/CPO Climate Testbed Program

    (July 2010 - June 2013)

    Nat Johnson & Shang-Ping Xie (PIs)

  • Intraseasonal to Interannual Variability in the Intra-Americas Sea in Climate Models


    (August 2013 - July 2016)

    Eric Maloney (Lead PI/CSU) & Shang-Ping Xie (UCSD PI)

    Past Projects

  • Remote versus local forcing of intraseasonal variability in the IAS region: Consequences for prediction

  • NOAA/CPO CPPA Program

    (July 2009 - June 2012)

    Eric Maloney (Lead PI/CSU) & Shang-Ping Xie (UH PI)

  • Toward reducing climate model biases in the equatorial Atlantic and adjacent continents


    (July 2008 - June 2011)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI) & Ingo Richter (Co-I)

  • Orographically induced ocean-atmosphere interaction: Satellite observations and numerical modeling

  • NASA Ocean Vector Wind Science Team Program

    (June 2006 - June 2010)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI)

  • Ship-board atmospheric sounding over the Kuroshio Extension: A supplement to CLIVAR KESS


    (April 2005 - August 2008)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI) and Bo Qiu (Co-I)

  • Role of Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in Seasonal and Interannual Variations of the Atlantic ITCZ


    (February 2005 - January 2008)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI)

  • Development of an integrated data product for Hawaii climate


    (March 2005 - March 2006)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI), Yi-Leng Chen and Jan Hafner (co-PIs)

  • An investigation of ocean-atmosphere interaction using SeaWinds and in-situ observations, and numerical modeling

  • NASA Ocean Vector Wind Science Team Program

    (May 2004 - December 2005)

    Shang-Ping Xie (PI)

  • Mechanisms for the Northward Displacement of the Pacific ITCZ

  • NSF Atmospheric Science Division Large-scale Atmosphere Dynamics Program

    (September 2001 - July 2005)

    Shang-Ping Xie (Principal Investigator) and Tim Li (Co-Investigator)

  • Roles of Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Interaction in Shaping Tropical Atlantic Variability

  • NOAA CLIVAR-Atlantic Program

    (July 2001 - June 2004)

    Shang-Ping Xie (Principal Investigator)

  • Effects of the Andes on the Eastern Pacific Climate

  • NOAA CLIVAR Pan American Climate Studies Program

    (July 2001 - June 2004)

    Shang-Ping Xie (Principal Investigator) and Yuqing Wang (Co-Investigator)

  • An Investigation of Monthly Wind Variability in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Using the SeaWinds, In-situ Observations and Numerical Modeling

  • NASA Ocean Vector Winds Science Team Program

    (May 2000 - May 2004)

    Shang-Ping Xie (Principal Investigator)