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You can check day-to-day Monsoon Circulation and Indices!!

Please refer the defintion of each monsoon indices (here)

- What's New -

Figures and Data set of seasonal mean and daily mean monsoon indcies (ISM and WNPM) were updated. Now available in 1948-2009. AUSM index was also updated by 2008-2009 season.

Figures and Data of daily ISMI and WNPM were updated. Now avalialbe in 1948-2008 (here).

Seasonal mean 3 monsoon indices (ISMI, WNPMI and WYMI) were updated with 2008 value. (here).

Seasonal mean AUSM index was updated with 2008 value. (here).

Figures and Data of daily ISMI and WNPM were updated. Now avalialbe in 1948-2007 (here).

Seasonal mean 3 monsoon indices (ISMI, WNPMI and WYMI) were updated with 2007 value. (here).

Monsoon circulation at 500hPa and Weather map over EA-WNP at 200hPa were added to daily update page respectively.

Archived file (tar.gz) of each daily mean index was uploaded (here).

Figures and Data of all 3 daily monsoon idices were updated. Now avalialbe in 1948-2006.

Data of all 3 daily monsoon indices for the period 1979-2006 are available to download.

Webster and Yang (broad scale) monsoon index was added to [Seasonal/Monthly Monsoon Indices].

Daily Indian and Western North Pacific Monsoon indices in 2006 using NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data was updated.(ISMI, WNPMI)

The pages of Daily ISM, WNPM and AUSM Indices was renewed.

Definition of monsoon indices was updated.

[Today's Monsoon]

[Daily Monsoon Indices-2010]

[Seasonal and Monthly
Monsoon Indices]

[Today's weather map
over EA-WNP]

- Other Monsoon Monitoring site -

All figures of today's circulation and each monsoon indices are based on Grid Pont Value (GPV) data from Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Please refer to this site in WMO Distributed Data Bases (DDBs) sever by JMA about its detail. All figures except for seasonal/monthly mean monsoon index are usually renewed at 01:00 (UTC) everyday. These up-to-date figures show the circulation map in the yesterday's 12:00(UTC),   as indicated by %y4%m2%d2%h2 on top of each figures.

All of daily, monthly and seasonal mean monsoon indices for the period 1948-2009 made by using NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data provided by the NOAA/CDC.

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By Yoshiyuki Kajikawa and Bin Wang
Last updated: 01/28/2010 ( except for daily updated Figures )