Research Projects

Dr. Wang is now working in a number of research projects with foci on

                     Regional Climate Modeling

                     Tropical Cyclone Research

                     RAIME Project (A Regional Atmospheric Inter-Model Evaluation Project for the Diurnal  Cycle of Clouds and Precipitation)

 UNESCO Tropical Meteorology 6.158 Project

Met610_lecture notes and Power Point files


                Shared climatological monthly mean diurnal cycle of precipitation based on TRMM PR data




    The current research grants include:

Evaluation and Improvement of NOAA Climate GCM Air-Sea Interaction Physics: An EPIC/VOCALS Synthesis Project, NOAA, OGP/CPPA, August 1 2007-July 2010, $275,384. (PI: Yuqing Wang, Co-PIs: Shang-Ping Xie and Simon de Szoeke).

Study of Processes Leading to Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change, NSF, October 2004-September 2008, $278,840. (PI: Yuqing Wang).

Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Sudden Changes of Track and Intensity in the Western Pacific, ONR, October 2006-September 2008, $643,500. (PI: Bin Wang, Co-PIs: Yuqing Wang, and Tim Li).

Establishment of the Integrated Climate Database for Reanalysis and International Data Network-Year 4, JAMSTEC, October 2005-March 2006, $73,395. (PI: Peter Hacker, co-PI: Shang-Ping Xie, Yuqing Wang).

Effects of the Andes on the Eastern Pacific Climate, NOAA CLIVAR/PACS Program, July 2001-June 2004 $289,995. (PI: Shang-Ping Xie, Co-PI: Yuqing Wang).

Tropical Cyclone Energy Dispersion and Self-maintaining Mechanisms for Summer Synoptic-scale Waves in the Northwest Pacific, NSF, September 2001-August 2004, $298,150. (PI: Tim Li, Co-PI: Yuqing Wang).

Dynamical Control of Rapid Tropical Cyclone Intensification by Environmental Shears, ONR, January 2002-December 2004, $795,000. (PI: Bin Wang, Co-PIs: Yuqing Wang, and Tim Li).

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