IPRC-YES Workshops on Ocean-Atmospheric Modeling

(YES:Yokohama Institute for Earth Science, JAMSTEC,

including the Frontier and Earth Simulator Center)


Time:  Tuesday, August 24, 2004; 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Place: Pacific Ocean Science & Technology (POST) Building Room 723, University of Hawaii

             (the building that houses IPRC; map available at https://iprc.soest.hawaii.edu/directions.html)


The purpose of the workshops is to exchange ideas and foster collaborations. We would like to reserve enough time for general discussion. Please keep your presentation within 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes discussion. Those talks marked with asterisk are 10 minutes long including discussion. An ideal presentation focuses on general aspects of the research that illustrate the possibility of completed or planned simulations and encourage discussion on future collaborations. Scientific details may be presented only as necessary. 


Ocean and Atmosphere Simulations with the Earth Simulator

Coffee/refreshments to be served at 10:15am at POST-723


Part I: 10:30am-12:15 pm

Opening remarks - Overview of OFES hindcast run - Hideharu Sasaki

Variability of North Pacific decadal SST and fronts in OFES - Masami Nonaka

Manifestations of eddies in OFES - Justin Small*

Ocean deep jets - Bohyun Band and Nikolai Maximenko**

Inferring atmospheric intraseasonal forcing from OEFS and observations - N.H. Saji*

Tracer studies using OFES: Overview - Akio Ishida

Tracer studies using OFES: Pathway and formation AABW from simulated CFCs distribution -Yoshikazu Sasai

Equatorial Undercurrent - Kelvin Richards*

Subsurface currents in the low-latitude western Pacific - Pierre Dutrieux



Part II: 1:45-3:30 pm

AFES and its results - Wataru Ohfuchi

High wavenumber variability in AFES - Kevin Hamilton

Kinetic energy spectrum simulated by the AFES - Yoshiyuki Takahashi

Local ES output archive and access - APDRC*:

Discussion: Rules for hindcast - Hideharu Sasaki

Possible collaborative projects


Coffee break


Coupled Simulation and Assimilation


K7 coupled model - Toru Miyama

Diagnostics - Takashi Mochizuki

CFES: Current status and research plans - Wataru Ohfuchi

IPRC regional coupled model - Haiming Xu & Yuqing Wang: