IPRC 2005 Annual Symposium


Asia Room, Imin Conference Center, East-West Center

May 4 – 6, 2005



Wednesday May 4


PART 1 - Ocean circulation and modeling


9:00 Andrei Natarov: Interaction of the Equatorial Undercurrent with a Yanai wave


9:20 Dailin Wang: Sensitivity of equatorial circulation to parameterization of mixing


9:40 Jay McCreary: Influence of the Indonesian Throughflow on circulations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans


10:00 Ryo Furue: Dynamics of the Southern Tsuchiya Jet



10.20  10-min COFFEE BREAK



10:30 Kelvin Richards: The fine-scale nature of the mean flow of the ocean


10:50 Nikolai Maximenko: Alternating zonal jets observed in the upper ocean


11:10 Max Yaremchuk: Retrieving the seasonal cycle of river runoff into the Bay of Bengal from Levitus climatology



11.30  90-min LUNCH BREAK



1:00 Tangdong Qu: Upwelling and its influence on the sea surface temperature off Java and Sumatra. Part I: General characteristics of circulation and mixed-layer dynamics


1:20 Yan Du: Upwelling and its influence on the sea surface temperature off Java and Sumatra. Part II: Mixed-layer heat budget


1:40 Tommy Jensen: Bifurcation of the Pacific North Equatorial Current


2:00 Hiroshi Yoshinari: Deep ocean circulation estimated from trajectories of Argo floats.



2:20  10-min COFFEE BREAK


PART 2 - Atmospheric dynamics and modeling:


2:30 Jiayi Peng: The growth and evolution of asymmetric perturbations in a hurricane-like vortex


2:50 Xin Zhang: Hurricane initialization and satellite data assimilation


3:10 Kevin Hamilton: Some Results from High-Resolution AGCMs


3:30 Yuqing Wang: Effect of convective entrainment/detrainment on simulation of tropical precipitation: A regional-model sensitivity study




Thursday, May 5


PART 3 - Climate Variability


9:20  Annamalei: Dynamical link between Southwest Indian Ocean SST and PNA pattern


9:40 Xiouhua Fu: Impact of atmosphere-ocean interaction on the predictability of monsoon intraseasonal oscillations


10:00 Zuojun Yu: Generation mechanism for the intraseasonal variability in the Indo-Australian basin



10:20  30-min COFFEE BREAK



10:50 Francis Tam: Western Pacific synoptic-scale activity and its interannual variability


11:10 Kazuyoshi Kikuchi: Intraseasonal air-sea relationship revealed by satellite data


11:30 Richard Justin Oxford Small: Regional aspects of the midsummer drought in the Americas



11:50  70-min LUNCH BREAK



1:00 Shang Ping Xie: IPRC regional ocean-atmosphere model (iROAM) simulation of eastern Pacific climate


1:20 Simon deSzoeke: Atmosphere-ocean interaction in the eastern tropical Pacific according to the iROAM


1:40 Niklas Schneider: North Pacific Decadal Variability in a Coupled Model


2:00 Soon-Il An: Pacific decadal variability induced by ENSO


2:20 Tim Li: A monsoon – warm-ocean interaction scenario for the TBO



PART 4 - Climate Change



2:40 Saji Hameed: Indian Ocean variability in IPCC Climate of the 20th Century experiment (20C3M)


3:00  10-min COFFEE BREAK


3:10 Markus Stowasser: Tropical storms in the western North Pacific in a quadruple CO2 Scenario


3:30 Axel Timmermann: Global Response to a shutdown of the THC


3:50 Oliver Timm: Paleoclimate Simulations from 21,000 Years Before Present until Present Day



Friday, May 6


PART 5 - Observations, Data, and Modeling


9:20 Jim Potemra: Recent changes and future plans for the APDRC


9:40 Peter Hacker: Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center: New activities and plans


10:00 Yongsheng Zhang: Atmospheric data collection, comparison and analysis in FY2004-05


10:20 Jan Hafner: PRIDE project­new data initiative: Preliminary results


10:40 Janli Jia: A first look at the results from a Hawaiian regional ocean model



10:40 10 min COFFEE BREAK


 11:10-11:30 General Discussion



~11:30 Sally's Farewell Party !!!!