Mitigation of Tsunami Debris Workshop Program


Morning: What do we know and what are we concerned about?

Nikolai Maximenko, IPRC/SOEST/UH – Opening Remarks

Robin Bond, Hawaii Ocean Safety Team –Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (PDF 48.8mb)

Rick Lumpkin, NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory -
Surface Drifter Observations (PDF 1.95mb)

Nikolai Maximenko
, IPRC/SOEST/UH – Tracking Tsunami Debris with Observations and Models (PPTX 19.4mb)

Yi Chao, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Predicting Ocean Currents (PDF 3.36mb)

Henrieta Dulaiova, SOEST, University of Hawaii – Expected Radionuclide Levels in Debris in the Pacific Ocean after the March 11, 2011, Tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Powerplant Accident ( PDF 2.94mb)

Samuel Pooley, NOAA Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center – Ecological Effects of Marine Debris (PDF 6.31mb)

Afternoon: What can we do to mitigate the impact?

Chris Woolaway, Hawaii Ocean Safety Team – Will the community be involved? What will be the Benefits? (PDF 17.8mb)

Mary Crowley, Ocean Voyages Institute / Project Kaisei – Observations from Around the World: Two Expeditions to the North Pacific Gyre (PDF 9.54mb)

Nikolai Maximenko, IPRC/SOEST/UH – Do We Have a Plan?

3pm-4pm Round table discussion