Third International Workshop on High-Resolution and Cloud Modeling - Tropical Cyclones and Climate

Instantaneous outgoing long-wave flux from a NICAM simulation with horizontal resolution of 7 km.

The "Third International Workshop on High-Resolution and Cloud Modeling - Tropical Cyclones and Climate" was held at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, December 2-4, 2008. This followed the successful "First International Workshop on High-Resolution and Cloud Modeling - Fusion of Satellite Observations and High-Resolution Modeling" held in 2006 at Kusatsu, Japan, and the 2007 "Second International Workshop on High-Resolution and Cloud Modeling - Tropical Convection and the Madden-Julian Oscillation" held in Reading, UK. The workshop was hosted by the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC). The workshop assessed the current status of high-resolution atmospheric models, with a focus on the issue of simulation of tropical cyclones and the connection of tropical cyclones to climate variability and change. Key issues considered were the scale interactions related to tropical cyclone genesis, intensification, structure and intensity changes, and both large-scale control and large-scale impact of tropical cyclones, as well as dynamical downscaling of the impact of global warming on tropical cyclones. Papers related to high-resolution modeling and satellite observations of cloud/mesoscale systems and cloud-aerosol interactions were also presented.

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Organizing Committee


Yuqing Wang (IPRC, University of Hawaii)

Masaki Satoh (CCSR, University of Tokyo)


Kevin Hamilton (IPRC, University of Hawaii)

Teruyuki Nakajima (CCSR, University of Hawaii)

David Randall (Colorado State University)

Julia Slingo (University of Reading)

Graeme Stephens (Colorado State University)

Bjorn Stevens (UCLA)

Invited Speakers

Hironori Fudeyasu (IPRC/U Hawaii)

Greg Holland (NCAR)

Marat Khairoutdinov (Stony Brook U)

Thomas Knutson (GFDL)

Shian-Jiann Lin (GFDL)

Hiro Masunaga (Nagoya U)

Yuqing Wang (IPRC/U Hawaii)

Tetsuo Nakazawa (MRI)

Morris Bender (GFDL)

Teriyuki Nakajima (CCSR/U Tokyo)

Kazuyoshi Oouchi (FRCGC)

Vaughan Phillips (U Hawaii)

David Randall (Colorado State U)

Tomoe Nasuno (FRCGC)

Richard Rotunno (NCAR)

Masato Sugi (MRI)

Masaki Satoh (U Tokyo)

Wayne Schubert (Colorado State U)

Suzana Camargo (Columbia U)

Yukari Takayabu (CCSR/U Tokyo)

Kazuhisa Tsuboki (Nagoya U)

Wei-Kuo Tao (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)

Pier Luigi Vidale (U Reading)

Kevin Walsh (Melbourne U)

Wataru Yanase (CCSR/U Tokyo)

Hirohiko Masunaga (Nagoya U)

Da-Lin Zhang (U Maryland)

Duane Waliser (JPL/CalTech)

Ming-Ren Yang (National Central University)

Michael Montgomery (Naval Postgraduate School)

Michael Riemer (Naval Postgraduate School)