Aquarius OI SSS for SPURS

The OI SSS analysis in the North Atlantic (0-40°N) is produced on a uniform grid with 0.25° resolution and temporal resolution of one week for the period September 2011 - June 2015, spanning the complete 3 year, 9 nine month period of Aquarius science data availability. The analysis uses Aquarius Level-2 (swath) SSS data. The description of the mapping methodology can be found here.

Digital data of the weekly OI SSS analysis (netCDF files) are available here.

File Naming Convention:



- [SSS_OI_7D] in the file name indicates that the file contains optimally interpolated SSS from Aquarius Level-2 data over a 7-day period.

- [YYY1DD1YYY2DD2] indicates the time interval the data in the file covers.

- [YYY1DD1] represents the year/day-of-year of the start of the data.

- [YYY2DD2] represents the year/day-of-year of the end of the data.

- [V40] is version of the Aquarius data (currently V5.0).

For your convenience, weekly OI SSS maps (PNG files) are available here.

Digital data of the monthly mean SSS fields can be found here. Monthly mean SSS maps (PNG files) are here.

Conditions of use. The data of OI SSS analysis are released for unrestricted public use and distribution. Reference: Melnichenko, O., P. Hacker, N. Maximenko, G. Lagerloef, and J. Potemra, 2014: Spatial Optimal Interpolation of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity: Algorithms and Implementation in the North Atlantic, J. Atmos. Oceanic. Technol., 31, 1583-1600

Acknowledgments. Aquarius OI SSS data are produced by International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii, and sponsored by the NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team.

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