Tim Li

Professor of Meteorology

International Pacific Research Center and Department of

Meteorology, School of Ocean and Earth Science and

Technology, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Phone: (808) 956-9427; Fax: (808) 956-9425

Email: timli@hawaii.edu


  • 1993 - Ph.D. (Meteorology), University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • 1986 - M.S. (Meteorology), Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China
  • 1983 - B.S. (Meteorology), Beijing University, China

Research Interests

  • Climate dynamics and coupled atmosphere-ocean modeling
  • Dynamics of ITCZ asymmetry and equatorial annual cycles
  • ENSO dynamics and the Asian-Australian monsoon system
  • Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation and the Indian Ocean Dipole Mode
  • Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation

Scientific Work Experience

  • Professor of Meteorology, University of Hawaii, 2004 - present
  • Associate Professor of Meteorology, University of Hawaii, March 1999 - 2004
  • Research Assistant and Associate Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, 1997 - 1999
  • Research Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory, 1995 - 1997
  • Visiting Scientist, GFDL, Princeton University, 1993 - 1995

Selected Publications

  • Wang, B. and T. Li, 2004: East Asian monsoon and ENSO interaction, East Asian Monsoon, World Scientific Publishing Company, Book Chapter, 177-212.
  • Davey M., M. Huddleston, K.R. Sperber, P. Braconnot, F. Bryan, D. Chen, R.A. Colman, C. Cooper, U. Cubasch, P. Delecluse, D. DeWitt, L. Fairhead, G. Flato, C. Gordon, T. Hogan, M. Ji, M. Kimoto, A. Kitoh, T.R. Knutson, M. Latif, H. Le Treut, T. Li, S. Manabe, C.R. Mechoso, G.A. Meehl, J. Oberhuber, S.B. Power, E. Roeckner, L. Terray, A. Vintzileos, R. Voss, B. Wang, W.M. Washington, I. Yoshikawa, J.-Y. Yu, S. Yukimoto, and S.E. Zebiak, 2002: A study of coupled model climatology and variability in tropical ocean regions. Climate Dynamics, 18, 403-420.
  • Chang, C.P., and T. Li, 2001: Nonlinear interactions between the TBO and ENSO. East Asian and Western Pacific Meteorology and Climate, Eds.: C.P. Chang et al., Vol. 1, Book Series on East Asian Meteorology, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore, 25-38.
  • Li, T., B. Wang, and C.-P. Chang, 2001: Theories on the tropospheric biennial oscillation: A review. Dynamics of Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulations and Climate, Eds.: Wang and Huang, China Meteorological Press, Beijing, China, 252-276.
  • Philander, S.G.H., T. Li, and G. Lambert, 1996: Climatic asymmetries relative to the equator. Numerican Simulations in the Environmental and Earth Sciences. Ed.: Garcia Garcia, Cambridge University Press, 126-132.
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  • Li, T., and Y. Zhu, 1991: Numerical experiment of effects of environmental flows on tropical cyclone motion. Act. Meteor. Sinica, 5, 111-117.
  • Li, T., and Y. Zhu, 1989: On the multiple equilibrium of development of tropical cyclones in a nonlinear CISK model. Adv. Atmos. Sci., 6, 447-45.
  • Li, T., and Y. Zhu, 1988: On the dynamics of development of tropical disturbances: Optimum scales. Select Papers in Atmospheric Sciences, Ed: Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijing, China, 43-51.