Indian Ocean Modeling Workshop

November 29 - December 3, 2004

Pacific Room, Imin Conference Center, East-West Center Honolulu

Sponsors: World Climate Research Programme, Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, International Pacific Research Center

Monday, November 29

Celebrating Prof. Jay McCreary

8.00 - 8.45Registration
8.45 - 8.50Opening remarks by Prof. Bin Wang, IPRC
8.50 - 9.00Opening remarks by Julia Slingo and Gary Meyers
(Chair - Julia Slingo)
9.00 - 9.30Contributions by Jay - An OverviewToshio Yamagata
9.30 - 10.00Contributions by Jay - An Overview Fritz Schott
10.00 - 10.15Westerly wind bursts in the Bay of JayTony Busalacchi
10.15 - 10.45Coffee Break
(Chair - Tony Busalacchi)
10.45 - 11.15Decadal VariationsMike McPhaden
11.15 - 11.35A linear model for Jay McCrearyDennis Moore
11.35 - 11.50Jay as a member of AAMP Gary Meyers/Godfrey
11.50 - 12.10Jay's contribution to Indian Ocean ModelingRagu Murtugudde
12.10 - 1.30Lunch Break
(Chair - Dennis Moore)
1.30 - 1.45My first encounter with Jay: Role of Rossby waves Shang-Ping Xie
1.45 - 2.00Cross-equatorial over-turningToru Miyama
2.00 - 2.15Subtropical Cells Masami Nonaka
2.15 - 2.30Indian Ocean Climate VariabilityClaire Perigaud
2.30 - 3.00Coffee Break
(Chair - Fritz Schott)
3.00 - 3.30Jay's Contribution to El NiņoDave Anderson
3.30 - 3.45Arabian Sea Biology Raleigh Hood
3.45 - 4.00Experiences with JayWeiqing Han
4.00 - 4.15Why did I do my Ph. D with Jay? Zuojun Yu

Tuesday, November 30

Over-view Presentations (Chair - Toshio Yamagata)

8.30 - 9.00Indian Ocean Modeling - Problems and Prospects (powerpoint version) (html version) (pdf version) Jay McCreary
9.00 - 9.30Indian Ocean Observing System - A reviewGary Meyers
Observing System Simulation (Chair - Mike McPhaden)
9.30 - 10.00Observation System Simulation Experiments for the Tropical Indian Ocean (Invited)Ragu Murtugudde
10.00 - 10.30Coffee Break
10.30 - 11.00A model-based assessment of the proposed Indian Ocean Mooring Array (Invited)Andreas Schiller
11.00 - 11.15Intraseasonal and seasonal variations in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean - a high-resolution OGCM and ADCP observationYukio Masumoto
11.15 - 11.30Ocean sub-sampling experiments using the GFDL Modeling SystemGabe Vecchi
11.30 - 11.45Internal variability of the Indian OceanMarkus Jochum
11.45 - 12.00Contributions to Observing System AssessmentKrishnan
12.00 - 1.30Lunch Break

Observing System Simulation (Continued - Chair - Ragu Murtugudde)

1.30 - 1.45Monsoon circulation and variability in SODA and ECCO Assimilation productsFritz Schott
1.45 - 2.00The Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM) systemDave Storkey
2.00 - 2.15Long-term current measurements in the equatorial Indian Ocean: Low-frequency variability during 2002-03Murty Vadlamani
2.15 - 2.30Characteristics of oceanic and surface meteorological parameters observed from TRITON moorings in the eastern Indian OceanYoshifumi Kuroda
2.30 - 2.45New Salinity product in the tropical Indian Ocean estimated from OLRBulusu Subrahmanyan
2.45 - 3.00Mixed-layer and thermocline interactions associated with the monsoonal flow over the Arabian SeaRamesh
3.00 - 3.30Coffee Break

Observing System Simulation (Continued - Chair - Andreas Schiller)

3.30 - 3.45A Numerical Investigation of Phytoplankton Blooms in the Bay of BengalVinaychandran
3.45 - 4.00Evolution and collapse of Arabian Sea warm pool and its sensitivity to interannually varying surface forcingGnanaseelan
4.00 - 4.15How the dynamics of Indian Ocean influences the evolution of the Indian summer monsoonAnnalisa Cherchi
4.15 - 4.30A modeling study of the seasonal to interannual variability of the north Indian Ocean upper structureClement Montegut
4.30 - 5.30Discussion on "Modeling Support for Observing System"Ragu Murtugudde, Andreas Schiller, Yukio Masumoto, Tony Lee, Gabe Vecchi

Wednesday, December 01

Variability (sub-seasonal time scales - Chair - Jerry Meehl)

8.30 - 9.00Madden-Julian variability in coupled ocean-atmosphere models: The impact of systematic model error (Invited)Ken Sperber
9.00 - 9.15Sensitivity of MJO simulation to mixed-layer depthJulia Slingo
9.15 - 9.30Impact of atmospheric intraseasonal oscillation on the Indian Ocean DipoleWeiqing Han
9.30 - 9.45Abrupt termination of Indian Ocean Dipole events in response to intraseasonal disturbancesSuryachandra Rao
9.45 - 10.00The origin and mechanism of winter depressions over Saudi ArabiaArun Chakraborty
10.00 - 10.30Coffee Break

Variability (sub-seasonal time scales - Chair - Harry Hendon)

10.30 - 11.00A biweekly mode in the equatorial Indian Ocean (Invited)Debasis Sengupta
11.00 - 11.15Dynamics of biweekly oscillations in the equatorial Indian OceanToru Miyama
11.15 - 11.30Influence of intraseasonal oscillations on the variability in the Indo-Pacific sector during boreal summer of 2002Matthieu Lengaigne
11.30 - 11.45Wind-driven response of the northern Indian Ocean to climate extremesTommy Jensen
11.45 - 12.0Impacts of the East Africa mountains on the Indian Ocean climate and variabilitySilvio Guladi
12.00 - 1.30Lunch Break

Variability (Interannual - Chair - Julia Slingo)

1.30 - 2.00Indian Ocean Variability: The influence of ENSO and consequences of coupled model systematic errors (Invited)Hilary Spencer
2.00 - 2.15Indian Ocean variability and its association with ENSO in a global coupled modelHarry Hendon
2.15 - 2.30Interannual variability of the tropical Indian Ocean in a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere General Circulation ModelBohua Huang
2.30 - 2.45The Indian Ocean Dipole in CGCM simulationsSwadin Behera
2.45 - 3.00Indian Ocean predictability using SINTEX-F coupled GCMJing-Jia Luo
3.00 - 3.30Coffee Break

Variability (Interannual - Continued - Chair - Ken Sperber)

3.30 - 3.45Seasonal and interannual variability of the tropical Indian OceanRieko Suzuki
3.45 - 4.00The interannual variability of the equatorial Indian Ocean during the Pre-ENSO and ENSO developing yearsHae-Kyung Drbohlav
4.00 - 4.15Assess the simulation of the Indian Ocean in the GFDL Coupled model run for IPCCQian Song
4.15 - 4.30Variability in the south Indian Ocean and its significance for southern African and Australian ClimateChris Reason
4.30 - 4.45Modelling the dominant climate signals around Southern AfricaMark Jury
4.45 - 5.00Indian Ocean SSTs and African Climate: Observational and modeling work.Richard Washington

Thursday, December 02

Variability (Interannual - Continued - Chair - Stuart Godfrey

8.30 - 9.00 Indian Ocean dynamics and interannual variability associated with the tropospheric biennial oscillation (Invited)Jerry Meehl
9.00 - 9.15Forecasting climate variability over the tropical Indian Ocean sector: A linear system modelRoxana Wajsowicz
9.15 - 9.30A Regional-Coupling CGCM Study of the Role of Indian Ocean in Tropical Climate VariabilityJin-Yi Yu
9.30 - 9.45Role of Indian Ocean SST on the Northern Hemisphere CirculationAnnamalai
9.45 - 10.00Remote and local SST forcing in shaping Asian-Australian monsoon anomaliesTim Li
10.00 - 10.30Coffee Break

Variability (Interannual - Continued - Chair - Swadin Behera)

10.30 - 10.45The subtropical anticyclone and summertime sea surface temperature anomalies in the subtropical Indian Ocean Andrew Chiodi
10.45 - 11.00Impact of the barrier layer on the seasonal variability of the Southeastern Arabian SeaSebastien Masson
11.00 - 11.15Salt Budget of the upper Southeastern Arabain Sea in OPA modelFabien Durand
11.15 - 12.15Discussion on "Coupled Modeling Perspective (Intraseasonal to interannual)"Julia Slingo, Jerry Meehl, Ken Sperber, and Shang-Ping Xie
12.15 - 1.30Lunch Break

Variability (Decadal timescales - Chair - Mark Jury)

1.30 - 1.45Decadal IOD phenomena in a high-resolution coupled GCMToshio Yamagata
1.45 - 2.00Low frequency variations of the Indian Ocean in a 10,000 year CGCMAshok Karumuri
2.00 - 2.15Decadal variation of the shallow meridional overturning circulation of the Indian OceanTony Lee
2.15 - 2.30The Red Sea outflow simulated by a locally high resolution OCCMHidenori Aiki
2.30 - 2.45Coupled AGCM-ocean surface wave-OGCM system and its preliminary resultsYongqiang Yu
2.45 - 3.15Coffee Break

Variability (Indonesian Throughflow - Chair - Jim Potemra)

3.15 - 3.30Why do models underestimate the heat flux into the tropical Indian OceanStuart Godfrey
3.30 - 3.45Plausible causes for the intraseasonal variability in the Indo-Australian BasinZuojun Yu
3.45 - 4.00A simulation of Indonesian ThroughflowQigeng Zhao
4.00 - 4.15Pathways and effects of the Indonesian Throughflow water in the Indian Ocean as revealed in an OGCMVinu
4.15 - 4.30Indonesian Throughflow in a global coupled OGCMWeidong Yu
4.30 - 5.45Discussion on "Need for accurate measurements"Gary Meyers, Mike McPhaden, Fritz Schott, Jay McCreary

Friday, December 03

8.00 - 10.30OSSE Group Discussion (Invitees Only)
10.30 - 12.30CLIVAR Recommendations (Invitees Only)