IPRC News 2003

UH gets $3 million for climate studies

December 4, 2003
[Honolulu Advertiser] Announcement of the fiscal year 2003 grant to the International Pacific Research Center from the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center and another Japanese agency. (read)

Climate Research Center Receives More Than $3 Million from Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

December 1, 2003
[University of Hawaii News and Announcements] The International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa recently received over $3 million from the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC). JAMSTEC is one of two Japanese agencies that have generously supported climate research at the IPRC, providing nearly $23 million since it began operations in 1997. (read)

Global Climate Data to be in One System

November 17, 2003
[The Honolulu Advertiser] Interview with Ben Kirtman and Andreas Villwock on the Climate System Observational and Prediction Experiment (COPE) Workshop hosted by the IPRC. (read)

NASA Article Spotlights Hawai‘i’s Wake in the Pacific

November 17, 2003
[University of Hawaii News and Announcements] Description of the NASA Earth Observatory online article Little Island - Big Wake, which features the research conducted by IPRC's Shang-Ping Xie on the far-reaching effects of the Hawaiian Islands on the atmosphere and the ocean. (read)

International Pacific Research Center Officials Receive International Recognition

February 10, 2003
[University of Hawaii News and Announcement] Announcements of IPRC Director Julian McCreary's selection as AMS Fellow, and Executive Associate Director Lorenz Magaard's selection as President Elect of the Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology (PACON International). (read)

Strong winds over warm Kuroshio water: Satellites reveal phenomenon against existing theories (in Japanese)

January 18, 2003
[Mainichi Shimbun] New observations will help improve climate models for prediction of El Ni?o and global warming.

Kuroshio affects regional climate around Japan (in Japanese)

January 18, 2003
[Science News (Japan)] Frontier Research System for Global Change's analysis of satellite observations reveal effects of the Kuroshio Current on climate

Kuroshio affects Japanese climate (in Chinese)

January 7, 2003
[Science and Technology Daily (China)] TRMM satellite gives the first solid evidence for Kuroshio's effect on climate

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